Tesla Electric enjoys the reputation as a uniquely capable
electrical contractor and service provider throughout
Cooperation drives our success.
The Tesla team recognizes that
only the frank, open exchange of
ideas and talents can ensure our
clients success. Our clients tend
to bring projects that require the

Tesla is fully committed to meeting the needs of its clients. Each project begins only after we and our clients agree on the project goals, methods and the definition of success.
An efficient process is paramount. Our goals are to:
1. Provide and coordinate the information necessary to establish detailed control over the operations. It is important whether during the construction phase or for operations and maintenance.

tAlaska. We provide innovative electrical design, implementation and related solutions for drilling rig construction. When required, we provide contract electricians for rigs and camp maintenance. Competence, innovation, and measurable results
anchor our management philosophy.

We welcome the opportunity to meet each owners unique challenges or unusual requirements. Flexible planning and industry-specific experience allow speedy adjustment of our standard procedures to meet clientʼs specific needs.

Increasingly, operators and owners confidently look to Tesla Electric for essential information, guidance and results.
We are accustomed to responding successfully to all inquiries.

Our clients tend to bring projects that require the highest level of performance and innovation. Speed, talent and
experience yield the results required

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